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Denman Handbag Paddle Brush

Our small paddle brush is air-cushioned and delivers controlled styling and maximum comfort. What does it do?Ball-ended tips on flexible nylon pins combine with our air-cushioned pad to deliver comfortable and flexible, blow-drying, styling and detangling.What is it best for?·         Comfortable Styling How does it work?·         Flexible nylon ball-ended pins are kind to hair and scalp ·         Air cushioned pad gently responds to contours of the head ·         Increased surface area enables rapid drying and styling Perfect for:·         Rapid Blow-drying·         Blow-Styling·         Gentle styling·         Straightening·         Detangling wet & dry hair·         Smoothing styled, straight hairProduct Care & Features:·         Wash in warm, soapy water. Rinse and leave to dry away from direct heat and sunlight. ·         Remove loose hair with a comb ·         Can be used with a hair-dryer ·         Matte finish Why not try?Want to speed up your styling time or have a lot of hair to style and control? You should try our Denman D83 Large Paddle Styling Brush.

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