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BOD 20min Body Boost Bath Salts

Feeling bloated and sluggish? Babe, we totally get how uncomfortable this can be, so we developed our 20 min Body Boost Bath Prep – the perfect solution is you have a big night out or you just feel like a bit of a pampering session. Whatever the reason, our 20 min Body Boost Bath Prep salts will leave feeling refreshed and toned. We use incredible blend of bath salts and botanical extracts with advanced ionic compounds, that when dissolved in a hot bath, work in conjunction with your body, clearing your system of toxins and stripping out excess water from the top layer of the skin (the bit that causes water retention) Everyone experiences somethign a little different but one 20 min bath could help to eliminate up to 3lbs of excess warer retention weight. The heat of the bath is key, it needs to be HOT. 37 – 39 degrees ensures that the salts work to perfection. Run the bath to the right temperature, add a FULL bag of salts and make sure they are ALL dissolved before you get in and soak for the 20 minutes. Please not that if the salts are not fully dissolved, you may experience a prickling sensation where the undissolved salts come into contact with the skin.

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